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Paramedic RN Bridge Online Program

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Paramedic to RN Bridge Program

Paramedic to RN Program

Online Paramedic to RN Bridge

Within the United States there is a massive shortage of qualified Registered Nurses to care for a nation of aging citizens. Nursing leaders and educators are continuously evaluating  options to increase the number of Registered Nurses entering the work force to keep pace with the growing demand for nursing care. Paramedics have been identified as a qualified group of healthcare professionals who have the ability to quickly transition to Registered Nursing and possess the required clinical skills to enter the workforce proving advanced care that entry level transitional nursing students are unable to perform. For Paramedics transitioning  from pre-hopsital care the benefits of becoming an RN can be significantly rewarding. Registered Nurses can earn significantly more income, have greater career growth flexibility, and have better working conditions than Paramedics.

Life as a Paramedic:

Median Pay $30,360 per year
$14.60 per hour
Entry-Level Education/th> Postsecondary non-degree award
Associate Degree of Applied Science
Work Experience Required Typically 1 Year as an Emergency Medical Technician
Number of Jobs 226,500
Job Outlook, 2010-20 33% (Much faster than average)

Life as a Paramedic can be challenging. You see the world in a prospective that few can understand. Paramedic’s may work in the pre-hospital or hospital environment. Paramedics typically respond to emergency calls of service (911) and provide Advanced Life Support to persons in acute medical need. Paramedics perform skills often only performed by a physician under medical direction (written protocol or online) based upon their clinical training and evaluation of a patients need in the pre-hospital setting. Paramedics typically work with limited supervision. Paramedics may work exposed to all types of weather, dangerous situations and persons, and critical incidents in which are life and death are at stake on a continuous basis. Paramedics have advancement opportunities with limitations to supervision and education with an emergency medical services system typically.

Life as a Registered Nurse

Median Pay $64,690 per year
$31.10 per hour
Entry-Level Education Associate’s degree
Nursing Diploma
Work Experience None
Number of Jobs 2,737,400
Job Outlook, 2010-20 26% (Faster than average)

Registered Nurses provide a variety of care and services to patients in nearly imaginable healthcare setting. Entry level Registered Nurses typically provide direct hands on patient care based upon nursing standard of care and physician orders. Registered Nurses may specialize in nearly any area of interest within the healthcare system. Registered Nurses are licensed healthcare providers who work under their states scope of practice act. Registered Nurses are the foundation of the modern healthcare system within the United States. Registered Nurses have wide array of advancement and career opportunities both in patient and non patient care roles. Registered Nurses are often executive level administrators within healthcare systems. Registered Nurses may pursue advanced practice status which may allow them rights to provide care otherwise performed by a physician.

Benefits of transition: Paramedic to RN

  • Increase earning potential.
    • The average RN will make more than twice of their Paramedic counterparts.
  • Increased Job Opportunities.
    • The number of available jobs for RN’s outnumber those for Paramedics nearly 100:1
  • Better Work Environment.
    • RN’s typically work inside in a more controlled environment not exposed to the hazards seen in the pre-hospial setting.
  • Work-Life Balance.
    • RN’s typically work fixed shifts and hours allowing for normalcy outside of work. Paramedics often work 24 hours shifts and are subject to mandatory overtime or on-call status.
  • Career Advancement.
    • RN’s have virtually unlimited career advancement opportunities. A RN may specialize, change care areas, purse advanced practice, enter a non-clinical, administration, or education tract.
    • Paramedics who desire to perform specialized critical care in area’s such as helicopter or aircraft transport will greatly benefit from dual Paramedic RN credentialing (EMT-P, RN) allowing them to perform a variety of advanced interventions in the pre-hosptal setting.
    • Paramedics who desire to remain in Emergency Medical Services will have greater advancement opportunities within administration and hospital based management.
    • Dual role EMT-P/RN’s can make substantially more income per hour than their similar counterparts due to their increase clinical abilities.

Paramedic to RN Educational Requirements

Paramedics wishing to transition to Registered Nursing are typically required to complete the same prerequisite general educations courses as their non paramedic counterparts. These classes typically include:  Anatomy and Physiology, English, College Level Math, Microbiology, Chemistry, and Psychology. Paramedics who have completed an Associates Degree or Associates Degree of Applied Science in Para-medicine do not require additional general education requirements.

Paramedics typically upon successful completion of the Registered Nursing general education requirements are directly accepted without wait-list in the Registered Nursing program. Paramedics transitioning through ADN and ASN programs typically complete specialized transition courses and clinical’s similar to the last two semesters (or 1 year) of the nursing program for traditional students.

Online Paramedic to RN Transition Bridge Programs

Online Paramedic to RN Bridge Transition  Programs are available. Online Paramedic to RN programs typically require no campus attendance and flexible scheduling to accommodate working in emergency medical services. Federal Financial Aid is available in most cases.